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Healthcare Informatics & Technology Investors (HITI) is now a division of Techsis Investors (TI), a consulting and investment company wholly owned by Leo J. Borrell, M.D.

In 1990, it acquired an interest in the Med Center Bank and developed venture capital and investment banking services. With the sale of the bank, HITI has focused on seed capital for early stage companies in healthcare investment. This direction was chosen because most investment banking firms do not have the technical expertise to fully develop or take advantage of changing technology and emerging markets in healthcare.

TI therefore focuses on bridging the gap by providing financial expertise along with technical and management knowledge in healthcare and technology-related industries. TI's strategy is to develop teams based on the unique requirements of the project to maximize unrecognized opportunities created by technology, market shifts, or regulatory changes.

The team will bring the products to market rapidly, maximizing leverage through alliances and joint ventures. The focus of the management team is to generate revenues and profits as soon as possible in order to prove the value of the concept.

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