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Biosensors: The Window to a New Era in Medicine

Executive Summary

by Leo J. Borrell, M.D.

Diabetes is now and more in the future a major health concern for all Americans. It will affect 25% of the population over 65. Treatment requires expenditures of 20% of our healthcare dollars now and will be more as the population ages and is more overweight. Research has definitely shown that control of blood sugar levels results in 25-75% of the complication of the disease. This is creating a momentum to develop capabilities for a continuous monitoring of blood glucose levels and other physiological parameters and multiple organ systems simultaneously. It is predicted that the non-invasive testing market will grow to 2 billion in the year 2000, 8 billion in the year 2010. Out of this number, 50% will be for glucose testing. In the year 2005, cardiac, diagnostic, molecular, immunological and genetic testing will begin to gain significant market by biosensor and biochip technology. At that time, optical sensors will quickly replace Amperometric technology. A major need in this market is for collection storage and transmission of data. This has been created by several trends:

  1. Managed Care has begun a trend of continuity of care with more patients being treated outside of the hospital and the emergence of Disease Management Protocol.
  2. Caregivers are becoming widely dispersed and there is a need for telemedicine capabilities.
  3. The Laboratory diagnostic industry, which is a 17 billion dollar market, will be restructured as central laboratories and will be replaced by critical care and point-of-care testing.

As medicine enters a new era of remote care, many diseases that are incurable, difficult to treat or difficult to diagnose will be cured as molecular medicine becomes commonly used. The use of DSP and biochips presents major opportunities in all of these areas.