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About Dr. Borrell:

Leo J. Borrell was born in Tampa, Florida of Cuban immigrant parents. He graduated from Emory University Medical School and undertook post-graduate training at a Harvard University Residency training program.

He has published and spoken extensively on various areas of interest and expertise, including medical, management, entrepreneurship and organization of rapidly growing companies. He has served on the boards of several specialty organizations, has been active in numerous local and national professional organizations, and has received several awards of recognition.

Dr. Borrell has developed several healthcare companies with revenues of 3-30 million dollars. He had further education in organizational development and physician management through training at such institutions as the A. K. Rice Institute, American College of Physician Executives, Harvard Medical School, The Levinson Institute, Harvard Law School, and graduated from the International Management and Development Institute in Lausanne, Switzerland.

He is currently on the faculty of Baylor College of Medicine and the University of Texas Medical School, as well as monitoring at the University of Houston School for Entrepreneurship.

Management Experience:

My experience as a practicing physician for 20 years during which time I developed a psychiatric clinic of 15 professionals and organized two joint ventures with major hospital corporations has provided me with management expertise. My involvement in medical staff, professional organizations, investment banking and entrepreneurial ventures has contributed to my development of executive and management capabilities, including decision making, team building, marketing, finance and business planning.

I pursued my business interests through a program for executive development at the International Management and Development Institute in Geneva, Switzerland. My participation in several physician management courses offered through Harvard University and led by Harry Levinson and in the American College of Physician Executives has given me a thorough foundation and knowledge to function effectively as a full time executive in and out of the healthcare industry. During the past seven years, I have worked in investment banking and in the development of start-up companies.

My abilities in developing a Strategic Vision are based on reviewing and criticizing various business plans for funding venture capital as well as developing and implementing business plans.

Resource Management: In this capacity, I have recruited, trained, managed and evaluated over 100 professionals and line staff during my career. In order to enhance my abilities in this area, I have become certified in utilizing the Kirton Adaptive Innovation Scale (KAI). This instrument is quite useful in matching individual cognitive styles to job requirements. In addition, it is valuable in creating a well-balanced team. In terms of Program Development, I have had significant experience through my involvement in numerous start-ups. In addition, based on the changing nature of healthcare delivery from fee-for-service to managed care, I have been involved in developing a variety of programs to meet changing needs.

Organizational Relations and Liaisons: Through my experience as a psychiatrist, I have an extensive knowledge of small groups. I have developed an understanding of large group dynamics and organizational behavior through the A. K. Rice Institute. This institute utilizes the methodology developed at the Tavistock Clinic in Britain. I attended the Harvard Law School course on Negotiation which has given me a formal structure for dealing with conflict as well as strategy for planning for change with various interest groups. During the past seven years, I have gained practical experience utilizing these techniques to resolve complex legal and financial issues invloved in the sale and purchase of various enterprises. I have become a student of change in organizations made neccessary in rapidly growing small companies and with corporations who have had to cope with changing market conditions.

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