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FINANCIAL and MANAGEMENT EXECUTIVE with 25 years of progressively responsible experience in healthcare and investment banking with private and public companies. Demonstrated performance in the following areas:







Management Responsibilities:

• Medipsych and related companies Houston, Texas 2001-Present
Chief Executive Officer, Founder, and Chairman
Professional services company developing and providing psychiatric services to nursing homes.

• Techsis Investors in affiliation with Healthcare Informatics and Technology Investors Houston, Texas 1990-Present
Responsible for formation, management, and development of seed capital and venture capital activities and the management and analysis of investments in private and publicly traded companies and real estate.

• Cosmetic Surgery Affiliates Houston, Texas 1998-Present
Chief Executive Officer
COSMETIC SURGERY AND AESTHETIC SERVICES OF AMERICA- Management and marketing holding company for Positive Changes for Health and Beauty, psychiatric consultant and medical coordinator. Responsible for development, formation, and management of clinics, cosmetic surgery, and aesthetic services.

• Trial Science in association with Robert Gordon, PhD with the Wilmington Institute Network (Jury 2001-Present Selection, Witness Preparation, and Trial Strategy)
Board of Advisors


• Surgicare Group, Founder and Board of Directors 1999-2001
An outpatient surgery company; assisted in acquisitions and sale to Dynacq, an NASD listed company

• MRI – Medical Records International, Austin, Texas 1999-2002

• Telespatial, Inc., Carlsbad, California

• WareOnEarth Communications, Annendale, Virginia

• Leo J. Borrell, MD & Associates, Houston, Texas 1975-1995
Private psychiatric services, specializing in the assessment and treatment of children, adolescents and adults, inpatient and outpatient.

• Texas Instruments, Houston, Texas 1997-1999
Research of technology of management information systems, telemedicine, diabetes and biosensors, markets, and relevance to financial and economic trends in home care and other sectors of the healthcare industry.

• M.D. Managed Weight Care, Houston, Texas 1995-1998
President-Chief Operating Officer Responsible for development of 15 clinics in Texas and California for weight management with $10,000 funding achieved $125,000 a month in revenue in 90 days

• Comprehensive Weight Management 1991-1997
Board of Directors, Chairman (1991-1995)
Chief Executive Officer (1995-1997)
A management and marketing company that developed specialized programs for the surgical treatment of morbid obesity in joint venture with the hospital and physician with $150,000 of funding achieved, 3.5 million dollars revenue in 12 months and 15 centers nationally. Sold November, 1997 to the management team.

• National Med Serv, Houston, Texas 1996-1999
Development and funding of marketing, sales, and service for mobile medical diagnostic equipment

• Harris, Webb, and Garrison Investment Banking Firm Founding Partner and Venture Capital Managing Director 1995-1996

• Investors Circle 1995-1998
National organization of 150 private Investors who invest in socially responsible companies

• Houston Technology Incubator 1997-1999
A non-profit corporation founded to facilitate start up of companies in technology, energy, and healthcare. Member of the steering committee, marketing committee, and the evaluation and selection of companies committee

• Psychiatric Services of Houston, Houston, Texas 1977-1989
Chairman of the Board and President
A fifteen member multi-disciplinary mental health private practice group with revenues of $3 million.

• Healthcare Capital Group, Inc., Houston, Texas 1991-1995
Managing Director Responsible for formation, management, and development of investment banking activities

• The Sportsman’s Gallery, Houston, Texas 1985-1995
President and Owner Acquisition and turnaround of retail art gallery

• Interactive Health Systems 1985-present
Board of Directors
A computer software company with the first cost effective interactive treatment software programs for hospitals and managed care.

• Integrated Orthopedics, formerly DRCA Medical Corporation Board of Directors, Houston, Texas
Provides physician management services

• Med Center Bank, Houston, Texas 1991-1995
Board of Directors
Participated on audit, compliance, loan, and trust investment committees

• West Oaks Limited, Houston, Texas 1978-1985
Founding and Managing Partner
A 185 bed psychiatric hospital with $30 million in revenue (a joint venture with Healthcare International)

• Stafford Meadows Hospital, Stafford, Texas 1985-1989
Founding and Managing Partner A 100 bed psychiatric and substance abuse treatment facility (a joint venture with Mediplex, Boston, Massachusetts-a subsidiary of Avon).


• Research and review technology and financial market trends in healthcare services, information systems, and telemedicine in order to develop strategic alternatives for utilizing DSP technology in the senior citizen, diabetes, and biosensor market.

• Development, organization, and management of venture capital and investment banking firm focused on healthcare services

• Developed business plans, implemented start ups, and achieved successful ongoing operations of various business enterprises with revenues ranging from $500,000 to $30 million.

• Negotiated and structured development of investments to achieve growth and prepare exit strategies of hospital and medical clinics. Successful negotiation of sales and purchases of various entities to major public corporations such as Healthcare International, Mediplex, National Medical Enterprises, and Tenet.

• Conceptualized, developed, and structured financing for hospitals, medical clinics, and diagnostic companies.

• Involved in developing various businesses from start ups, turnarounds, and divestitures with responsibility for operations, marketing, finance, and personnel.

• Developed and negotiated joint ventures and strategic alliances with professionals and major corporations. Developed long range plans exploring mergers and acquisitions and exit strategies to achieve maximum return on investments.

• Evaluated investment potential of various healthcare entities. Responsible for clinical administration and management at various hospitals in Houston.

• Served on numerous committees and leadership positions in professional organizations locally and nationally. (List available upon request)

• Executive Director of a medical specialty professional group with responsibility for marketing, finance, and long range planning.

• Research, analyze, and forecast financial and market trends in HCIS, diabetes treatment, and testing and the emerging biosensor market.

• Involved in all phases of numerous startup and turn around: developing short and long range financial and marketing plans; recruited management and staff; set and monitored goals for individuals, and integrated them with operational units.


• Creating business opportunities with new technology or market and regulatory shifts

• Decision making and negotiation

• Management of rapid growth in transition and discontinuities

• Implementing organizational change strategies in mergers and acquisitions, and turnarounds

• Leadership learning styles and team building

• Strategies for conflict resolution

• Special problems of family and closely held businesses

• Motivational factors in customer decision making


• Psychiatric Options in the Treatment of Seniors Assisted Living Consult Magazine, Published Sept /Oct, 2006

• “Building a Lexus rather than an Edsel”, published in DBA Magazine, Feb, 1992

• “Back to the Future and More: Healthcare Opportunities in 1992 and Beyond”

• “Opportunities in Health Care “ presented at Norton & Blair, a Houston Venture Capital Forum

• “Learning for the Future: A Model for Adult Learning: Relevance for Environmental Education” presented in Madrid, Spain, in 1992, published by the Santinalla Foundation, 1993.

• Texas Instruments Consulting Project: Technology that Cares: Improving Patient Using HCIS and Evolving Medical Technology and Home Health Care Opportunities presented by the convergence of technological advances, demographic and healthcare trends, 1998

• Biosensor: The Window to a New Era in Medicine, 1999

• Opportunities and Strategies for Entering the Diabetic Product Market: An Analysis of the Glucose Measurement Market and Trends In Diabetes Diagnosis and Treatment, 1999

• Revolution and Evolution as Organizations Grow, 2000

• (Medical presentations and publications available on request)


• St Louis University, Undergraduate, 1960

• Emory University – Undergraduate, 1961-1963

• Emory University School of Medicine, 1963-1967

• Southern Pacific Hospital, Internship- San Francisco, CA, 1967

• Harvard Medical Fellow in Adult Psychiatry – McClean Hospital, Belmont, MA, 1968

• Fellow in Child & Adolescent Psychiatry – Sheppard-Pratt Hospital, Towson, Maryland, 1975


• Program for Executive Development in International Business-Institute for Management Development (I.M.D.), Lausanne, Switzerland, 1990

• Organizational Diagnosis, Albert Einstein Institute, Dr. Harry Levinson, Summer, 1990

• Leadership for Physician Executives-Harvard Medical School, 1991

• Program on Negotiation, Harvard Law School, 1992

• NASD-Series 7 & 63 - Training and Certification, 1994

• Training and Certification in Kirton Adaptation and Innovation and Creative Problem Solving, utilized for team building and Management selection, 1996

• AMA Media Training, 1998 Workshop for development of Interview and Presentation skills for radio and television.

• Medical Informatics-Stanford University –Summer, 2000 Implication of strategy and marketing for the entrepreneur utilizing e-commerce. University of Houston- Community Executives Program MEDICAL


• Certified in Addictionology, March, 1988 American Medical Association of Alcoholism and Other Substance Abuse

• Certified in Adolescent and Child Psychiatry, February, 1981 American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology

• Certified in General Psychiatry, April, 1979 American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology


• Brande Foundation, Coaching Fellowship, December, 2006

• Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association, December, 1991

• Fellow of the American Society for Adolescent Psychiatry, 1981

• Wendell-Muncie Award, Honorable Mention, 1975, “Adolescents and Peer Counseling” - Maryland Psychiatric Society

• Wendell-Muncie Award, 1974, “Aspirations to Altruism: A Study of the Psychiatrically Hospitalized Physician” - Maryland Psychiatric Society


Ward Medical Officer-U.S. Naval Hospital, San Diego, CA, 1970-1971

Staff Psychiatrist-U.S. Naval Hospital, San Diego, CA, 1969-1970


Born of Cuban immigrant parents. Two brothers, one is a pediatrician and one is CEO of a large electrical contracting company. Excellent health.

Leisure time activities: tennis, travel, reading, internet, art, wine. Membership and active participation in various management, social, and community organizations.


Douglas Hanson, MD
Former Chairman, Dept. of Psychiatry and Medical Director of West Oaks Hospital
(713) 523-0742

Mr. Fred Bass
Frederick Bass & Co., Inc.
(713) 861-9400 Houston, Texas

Atilla Ertan, MD
Chief of Gastroenterology Methodist
Hospital Houston, Texas (713) 794-0001

David Stevens
Corporate Attorney
Houston, Texas (713) 621-1492