Healthcare Informatics and Technology Investors
Healthcare Informatics and Technology Investors

Dr Meredith Belbin


Meredith Belbin graduated in Classics and Psychology at Clare College, Cambridge and gained his second degree for his doctoral dissertation on Older Workers in Industry. After training at the Institute of Engineering Production at Birmingham and taking up a Research Fellowship at Cranfield, he became a management consultant, operating in a large range of industries. Later he returned to Cambridge to become Chair of the Industrial Training Research Unit; Director of the Employment Development Unit; the first lay member in Cambridgeshire of the Lord Chancellor's Advisory Panel on the Appointment of Magistrates, and Senior Associate of the Institute of Management Studies in Cambridge. He has of late been appointed Visiting Professor and Honorary Fellow of Henley Management College.


As an author, his volumes include Management Teams: Why They Succeed Or Fail (1981), The Job Promoters (1990), Team Roles At Work (1993), The Coming Shape Of Organization (1996), Changing The Way We Work (1997), Beyond the Team (2000) and Managing without Power (2001).


In the capacity of consultant, Dr Belbin has advised the OECD, the US Department of Labor, the Commission of the EEC and numerous manufacturing companies and public service administrations. He is currently a Partner in Belbin Associates and active on the worldwide lecturing circuit.