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One style should predominate over the others.

Money Styles Meaning of Money
  1. The Spenders:
    Gambler Action, Freedom
    Manic, Overspender
  2. The Skeptics:
    Pessimist Security, Control
    Worrier, Miser
  3. The Enthusiasts:
    Jock Power, Freedom,
    Self-Esteem, Hustler
  4. The Underinvolved:
    Victim Anxiety, Dependency
    Depressive Dodger

Complete the following test and we can provide you with the results of your investment style.

What's Your Style?

The following quiz, although it has no real scientific validatity, should help you identify your money style.

  1. With which statement do you most agree?
    A penny saved is a penny earned.
    Nothing succeeds like success.
    Spend it now; you can't take it with you.
    Never mix business with pleasure.
  2. On a Caribbean vacation you win a week's salary gambling. You:
    Wire it home so you can't touch it.
    Put it all in one bet.
    Set aside your original bet and plan to gamble the rest.
    Fritter it away on the island.
  3. You see the perfect sweater, but it costs mora than you ever spent on a sweater. You:
    Buy it before your conscience says no.
    ask them to hold it while you plan to how to pay for it.
    Mutter some expression of outrage about how a store can charge so much for a sweater.
    Buy the sweater and return it the next day after looking at your bank statement that night.
  4. After you leave a restaurant, your friend asks you why you left a tip even though the service charge was included. You:
    Go back and ask that the tip be returned.
    Feel annoyed with yourself, and walk on.
    Say, "What the hell, it's only money."
    Say, "He beat me out fo it. More powert to him."
  5. In setting a fee for your service you typically:
    End up letting the fee be set for you or set a lower fee than you know you're worth.
    Negotiate agressively for the highest fee you can get.
    Set an unrealistic high fe and hope for the best.
    Set the fee and then feel you got taken.
  6. Listening to a sermon about evils of money, You:
    Feel guilty and unconfortable.
    Winder how the preacher spends his money.
    Resolve to do better.
    Agree and feel satisfied that you haven't been sucked in by money.
  7. If you lost money in the Wall Street crash of 1987, your response was:
    Anger buit determination to make it back.
    Doubling of your investments, thinking it was a good time to get in.
    Pleasure that you have so little invested.
    Self-admonition that you should have known better.
  8. You inherit the equivalent of 5% of your annual salary from an unexpected source. You:
    Take a vacation and have a ball.
    Determine to take some risks and double the investment in one year.
    Put it in a retirement accoutn.
    Put it in your checking account to pay bills.
  9. With which statement do you most agree?
    Money is a scoreboard.
    Money is fun.
    Money is overwhelming.
    Money is toxic.
  10. When it comes to decision-making in general, you:
    Go with your intuition and hope for the best.
    Procrastinate until forced to decide.
    Gather the facts and move fast.
    Avoid the downside above all else.
  11. When it comes to insurance, you:
    Cover yourself to the maximum.
    Buy some insurance but don't really understand it.
    Pick and choose your spots, trying to keep costs to a minimum since you think insurance is a sucker's bet.
    Often go uninsured.
  12. As for saving money you:
    Can't do it to save your soul.
    Have become very good at it through long experience.
    Make a new savings plan every other month.
    Have a fixed-deposit retiremtnt plan but try to keep most free to invest.
  13. Which of the following types of people turns you off the most?
    A pathological gambler.
    A whiner.
    An agressive life insurance salesman.
    A self-righteous killjoy.
  14. If you could choose one of the following occupations, regardless of income, which would it be?
    Airline Pilot.
    Dancer or professional athlete.
  15. The thing about money most people don't understand but you do is:
    How to protect it.
    How to make it.
    That it doesn't really matter.
    That you can't take it with you.
  16. Which would you do with an unexpectred free afternoon?
    Catch up on work.
    Go to a museum.
    Raise hell.
    Get the jump on the competition.
  17. Which quality do you most admire in a person?
    Reliability and responsability.
  18. In terms of money, what is your hope for your children?
    To take it seriously before it's too late.
    To know that all it takes to make it is confidence and drive.
    That they have good luck.
    That they have knowledge and education.
  19. What do you look for in a mate when it comes to his or her relationship with money?
    Ability to have fun with it.
    Ambition to make more.
    Not being bothered about it.
  20. Your Achille's heel around money is:
    Inability to control it.
    Feeling that you always have to make more.
  21. Your worst realistic fear about money is:
    Putting yourself into overwhelming debt.
    Losing it.
    Not being able to make it.
    Losing out because you don't understand it.
  22. An honest way to describe the way you drive a car is:
    Cautious, safe.
    Aggressive, safe.
    Fast, at times reckless.
    Nervous, on the alert.
  23. If you had to go to one of the following, you would choose:
    A baroque concert.
    A Wagner opera.
    A Beethoven symphony.
    A Mahler symphony.
  24. If you had to go to one of the following, you would choose:
    A baseball game.
    A football game.
    A golf tournament.
    A basketball game.
  25. As for your bank balance right now:
    You're quite sure you know what it is.
    You know roughly what it is.
    You honestly don't know.
    You'd rather not think about it.
  26. When it comes to tipping, you:
    Give the minimum, or if the service is bad, give less.
    Usually overtips.
    Reward good service with a big tip.
    Tip well even if the service is mediocre.
  27. The statement you most agree with is:
    Hard work pays off.
    Neither a borrower nor a lender be.
    It's a dog-eat-dog world.
    All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.
  28. When you get a bank statement or other financial statement, you:
    Check it over carefully to the last penny.
    Usually can't figure it out.
    Toss it in a drawer and assume the bank was right.
    Go over quickly, paying the most attention to the bottom line.
  29. What word describes you best?
  30. What word describes you the least well?
  31. If you were a character in a book or a play, it would be written by:
    Ernest Hemingway.
    F. Scott Fitzgerald.
    Arthur Miller.
    Neil Simon.
  32. A quality you admire in yourself is:
    You're always on time.
    You're not materialist.
    You're a high-energy person.
    You're the life of the party.
  33. A quality you're not proud of is:
    You're always late.
    You're materialistic.
    You pay too much attention to details.
    You have difficulty making decisions.
  34. In college you majored in, or your major most resembled:
    Dramatic Arts.
  35. The person you'd most like to date, if he or she were independently wealthy, is :
    A schoolteacher.
    An artist.
    An editor at a publishing company.
    A management consultant.
  36. The reason you don't have as much money as you want is:
    There aren't enough hours in the day.
    You're probably too cautious.
    You throw it away.
    You don't pay enough attention to it.
  37. People who are tight with money are that way because :
    It makes sense.
    They're mean-spirited.
    They're scared.
    It's probably how they were brought up.
  38. If you were ever to have an affair, it would be:
    A wild fling.
    A one-night stand.
    Well-planned and enjoyable.
    Something you got hoodwinked into.
  39. In the kitchen you're:
    Frantic, messy, and creative.
    Disorganized and slow.
    Organized and surrounded by cookbooks.
    Organized, fast, and clean.
  40. In term of entertaining you like:
    Wild, spontaneous bashes.
    Cocktail parties.
    Well-planned dinner parties.
    Informal get together with friends.
  41. Spur-of-the-moment ideas:
    You almost always reject.
    Often get you into trouble.
    Are the best ones.
    Excite you.
  42. Depression is usually the result of:
    A lack of energy.
    Some sort of failure.
    Some sort of loss.
    The inevitable cycle of things.
  43. The best antidote to guilt is:
    Fixing up whatever you're feeling guilty about.
    Putting it behind you and moving on.
    Going out with other people and having some fun.
  44. What you don't know about money:
    Can't hurt you.
    You've got to learn.
    You'll deal with one way or another.
    Will catch you up one way or another.
  45. Your attitude aboiut borrowing from friends is:
    If you're fair they'll be fair.
    You should avoid it at all costs.
    Beware of terms that aren't clear.
    It can be dangerous because it's so easy.
  46. When you think about retirement you:
    Wonder what you're going to do.
    Just hope thiongs won't have collapesed by then.
    Can't imagine retiring.
    Can't wait for the party to begin.

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