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The State of The Incubator Marketspace

A Just-Released Research Report
By Morten T. Hansen, Nitin Nohria, and Jeffrey A. Berger
of Harvard Business School

This research report provides an in-depth analysis of business incubators -- one of the most fascinating and important phenomena shaping the course of Internet business. It is an invaluable resource for entrepreneurs and investors. Also available is a comprehensive directory listing the names and contact information of the incubators included in the research. The directory is available in Excel format to allow for maximum use.

The report presents key statistical metrics for the incubator marketspace, including

  • the distribution of incubators by country and U.S. state
  • by origin (corporate, holding company, venture capital, or startup)
  • by specialty and industry sector, and by investment stage.

It also covers the operational characteristics of incubators, including number of locations, revenue model, seed capital provided and equity stakes taken, idea sourcing, services provided, geographic reach, number of employees, number of ventures, average incubation time, and networking activities.

In addition to text descriptions of key research findings, the report includes approximately 30 data charts and tables.

Free overview (Adobe Acrobat File)

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Order the Research report: $995 per copy