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Healthcare Informatics and Technology Investors


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General Venture Capital Resources:

Venture Capital Companies:

Accel Partners IT, health care- California, New Jersey
ACF Equity Atlantic Canada
Acropolis Financial Services financial services - California
Adams Capital Management  telecommunications, IT, health care, manufacturing - Pennsylvania
Advanced Technology Venture
Advent International
Aegis Capital
Agio Capital Partners
Alliance Technology Ventures IT, life sciences - Georgia.
Allied Capital
Alpine Technology Ventures
Alta Partners
Altira Group
Altos Ventures
American Ventures LLC - Kentucky
Ameritech Development IT, technology, communications - Illinois
Ampersand Ventures
Arbor Partners
Arch Venture Partners
Aspen Ventures IT - California
Asset Management Associates IT, technology, life sciences - California.
Atlantic Coastal Ventures
Atlantic Medical Capital
Atlas Ventures IT, life sciences - Massachusetts, Europe
Aurora Funds
Austin Ventures technology, services, other - Texas
Australian Technology Group
Avalon Investments
AVI Capital, L.P. technology - California
Bachow and Associates telecommunications, technology - Pennsylvania
BancBoston Capital
Bank of Montreal Capital
Battery Ventures software, connunications, technology - Massachusetts, California
Bay Partners
BCE Capital
Beecken Petty & Company
Benchmark Capital
Berkeley International Capital
Berkshire Partners
Bessemer Venture Partners
Blue Run Ventures
Boston Capital Ventures
Boston Millennia Partners
Brand Equity Ventures
Brentwood Venture Capital
Bridge Ventures
Cambridge Technology Capital
Campbell-Becker - technology - Kansas
Canaan Partners
Capital Resource Partners
Carlyle Venture Partners
Carnegie Hill Partners, Inc., LLC - Investment banking, Manangement Consulting - Connecticut
Carter Funding Corporation - Venture Capital - Tennessee
CCG Venture Partners -acqusitions, roll-outs -Texas
CenterPoint Ventures
Chase Capital Partners
Chisholm Private Capital Partners
Choquette & Company -Venture Capital - Canada
CID Equity Partners
CMC Group Financiers - Venture Capital - New Jersey
CMG @Ventures
CMGI - Internet companies
Commonwealth Capital Ventures
Commonweath Development
CVC Capital Partners
C3 Holdings, LLC
Danish Development Finance
Desco Capital Partners
DICO A/S - Copenhagen, Denmark
Digital Technology Partners technology, IT, Internet - California
Domain Associates - technology, biotechnology, life sciences - California
Draper Fisher Jurvetson - technology- California
Draper International
Dreyfus Capital Management
DynaFund Ventures - technology- California
Edison Venture Fund - technology - Pennsylvania, New Jersey, District of Columbia
El Dorado Ventures
Embryon Capital
Encompass Ventures
Enercana Capital Internet business to business
Enterprise Partners
EOS Partners
Equus Capital Partners
Equity Ventures Ltd
Euclid Partners
Evanston Business Investment
Fairfax Partners II
Fidelity Capital
First Analysis Corporation
First Capital Group
First Chicago Equity Capital
Fluke Capital Management
Foundation Capital
Frontenac Company
Galen Partners angel investors for $500,000 to $3 million in seed capital
GE Capital
Gemini Israel Fund
The Genesis Group - venture capital - California, North America
Generation Partners
Geocapital Partners IT - New Jersey
Grand Central Holdings Greylock
Grotech Capital Group
Group One Retail Mgmt.
Hickory Venture Capital
Highland Capital Partners
Horizon Quest, Inc. - New Business - California
Howard Industries, Inc.
Hummer Winblad Venture Partners software, technology - California
Idealab - Bill Gross's Internet incubator.
IDG Ventures
I-Hatch NYC based investments in $100,000 to $250,000 range - NYC
Information Technology Ventures
Institutional Venture Partners - technology - California
International Funding - international placements - New Jersey
Interwest Partners
Inverness Capital - technology, medical, multimedia, computer
Israel Growth Fund
J.L. Albright Venture Partners
JMI Equity Fund
Kansas City Equity Partners
Kestrel Venture Management
Keystone Venture Capital
Kirkland Capital - information technology, software - Washington
Kleiner Perkins- biotech, software, computers. Invested in, Excite.- California
Korea Technology Finance
Levine Leichtman Capital Partners
Leigh & Mae Venture Consulting
Lightspeed Venture Partners
LWT Capital Management - information technology, communications - Massachusetts
Mandeville Partners
Marathon Investment Partners
Mark T. Broussard - healthcare, biotechnology, information technology - Illinois
Maroon Bells Capital Partners, Inc. - telecommunications and multimedia - California, Illinois
Mason Wells
Massachusetts Technology Dev
Mayfield Fund
M/C VenturePartners
Media Technology Ventures
Medicus Venture Partners biotechnology, life sciences - California
Menlo Ventures
Middlefield Ventures Limited
Mohr, Davidow Ventures
Morgan Stanley Venture Partners
Morgenthaler Ventures
Motorola New Enterprises - technology - Illinois
Nassau Capital
NCIC Capital Fund
New Enterprise Associates
Noro-Moseley Partners IT, database technology - Georgia
North Atlantic Capital
North Bridge Venture Partners
Norwest Venture Capital IT, health care, consumer products and services - Massachusetts, California, Minnesota
Norwood Venture
Novak Biddle Venture Partners
Nth Power Technologies
Oak Investment Partners
Olympic Venture Partners technolgy, health care, life sciences, softaware, IT, communications, electronics - Washington, Oregon
Omega Ventures
OneLiberty Ventures
Onset Ventures
Opus Capital
Oresa Ventures
Pacific Century Group Ventures - IT, real estate - Vancouver, Canada
Pacific Venture Group
Pacific Horizon Ventures
Partech International, Inc.
Patricof & Co., Ventures
Pioneer Capital New England Businesses - Massachusetts
Piper Jaffray Ventures
Platinum Venture Partners
Primedia Ventures - New York
Primus Venture Partners
Prism Venture Partners
Private Equity Partners Spa (Italy)
Quaestus Management
Ricoh Silicon Valley
River Cities Capital Fund
RJI International Consulting Financing Inc. - Wyoming
Robertson Stephens Venture Capital - healthcare, biotechnology, technology, consumer, environmental - California
Roser Ventures
Rossein Ventures
Rothschild Quantico Capital
RRE Investors, LLC
Schroder Ventures
Seaflower Ventures
Sentinel Capital Partners
Sequoia Capital funds big technology firms like Yahoo, Cisco, Apple
Sevin Rosen Funds
Sierra Ventures - technology, IT, health care - California
Sigma Partners
Silicon Alley Venture Partners
Siparex Group (France)
Skywood Ventures
Sloan Enterprises
Softbank Technology Ventures
Southeast Interactive Technology
Spectrum Equity Investors
SSM Ventures
Stream USA
Summit Partners - technology, health care - Massachusetts
TA Associates
Tandem Capital
Technology Crossover Ventures
Technology Funding
Technology Management & Funding technology, biotechnology, environmental - New Jersey
Telos Venture Partners
The Centennial Funds
The Parkside Group
The Cambria Group
The Shepherd Group
Thoma Cressey Equity Partners
TI Ventures
TL Ventures
Tribune Ventures IT, technology - Illinois.
Trident Capital, L.P. IT, business services - California, Illinois, District of Columbia
Trinity Ventures
TTC Ventures
TVM Techno Venture Mgmt.
21st Century Internet
Union Atlantic
U.S. Venture Partners
Vector Fund Management
VenCom Telecommunications, computing, electronics - Illinois
Venglobal Capital
Venrock Associates - Health care, biotechnology, IT, software, communications, Internet - New York, California
Venture Investors
Ventures West IT, electronics, software, environment, biotechnology, energy, life sciences, communications - California
Vista Venture Capital - technology, IT, information systems - Florida
Voyager Capital
Vulcan Microsoft co-founder, Paul Allen's venture group
Wakefield Venture Group
Walden Group
Western States Investment
Western Technology Investment
Western Technology Seed Investment
Weston Presidio Capital
W.I. Harper Group
Wind Point Partners
Woodsdale Capital Partners, Inc. - Virginia
Working Ventures
World Investments - information technology, communications, marketing - Nebraska
Worldview Technology Partners
Xerox Technology Ventures - technology, IT - California
Yozma Venture Capital